Mo Mikvah Mo Problems

The biggest one being getting naked in front of the rabbi.

Not the mikvah that I’ll be going in but you get the idea. Photo: rose770, Flickr

Ok, so I’m not actually anticipating any major problems but there are some questions on my mind regarding the mikvah (ritual bath), which is the last step in my Jewish conversion.

How closely will I be looked over before my spiritual dip? (I’m not supposed to wear any makeup, nail polish, have contact lenses in and, oh yeah, I’m going to be buck naked.)

How will I feel being naked in front of the female rabbi? (I’m a bit of a prude.)

Will I be able to remember and recite the blessings?

And if not, will I be able to see them printed on the wall without my glasses?

While I think about these questions often – especially with my mikvah looming – I don’t let them cloud what I believe will be a beautiful, spiritual moment and an important life milestone. I’ve studied hard, embraced Judaism and am ready for this. My Jewish Information Class took a field trip to the mikvah the other day so now I know what to expect when it’s my turn.

The mikvah, locally shared by a number of Jewish congregations, is quite small so I only plan to have my fiance, his parents and my family there. Though I may be a little cold as I come out of the water, I know I’ll be radiating heat from a place deep within when it’s all over.

What was your mikvah experience like?

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