Let Me Tell You a Jewish Joke

It’s one I made up so don’t hold your breath.

My Google search of “laughing rabbis” turned up nothing.

My father once told me if you can name three types of trees and birds in another language, you are pretty much fluent. Of course, this doesn’t work if you’re an ecologist or avid birder but I tried it out myself with Japanese, and the fact I could name at least one of each told me I probably have a good working knowledge of the language.

In a similar way, I think if you find certain cultural nuances funny and understand why they are funny, then you have a pretty good handle on that culture. Case in point: porn4jews.com. When a friend suggested I click, I was a little apprehensive about what I would find: naughty Orthodox women? Naked people rolling around on bagels and lox? Alas, it’s a blog that pokes fun at the random things only Jews might find really funny. And I now understand the things they’re making fun of! It’s a small, personal milestoneĀ for me. After two years with my partner, celebrating the holidays and now studying for my Jewish Information Class, I get it!

And with that, I present to you a little joke I made up in my head while we were studying blessings in class:

Did you hear the American president is a Jewish convert?
Oh yeah?
Yeah. His name is Baruch Obama.


(Baruch means “blessed.”)

Ok, so I’ve got a long way to go to catch up with other Jewish comedians, of which I have learned there are many, but I think this is a good sign I’m starting to getĀ a handle on this whole Jewish thing.